What I’m working, using, doing, enjoying right now

I like the idea of having a page that is a little more dynamic than the standard ‘about’ page and is specific to what I’ve got currently going on. Turns out the /now page is sort of a thing with IndieWeb folks and ReDecentralization types so I’m snagging the idea.

Tech Stuff

  • On-prem and cloud automation with Jenkins and Chef
  • Redecentralization (blog/web page as primary content platform, syndicate it to Twitter and/or Instagram)
  • Technominimalism (reducing day to day, non-work-related, dependency on digital tech to a minimum)


  • Preparing for a trip to Japan so lots of enka and Japanese rock/adult contemporary lately


  • Writing more
  • Finishing backlog of books

Daily Tools

  • Graphite pencil and Fisher space pen, punctuated with occasional fountian pen bursts
  • Composition book(s) as work notes, Midori Traveler for carrying around, and a super fancy Oberon journal for longer form stuff
    • I used to use 9”x12” spiral bound computation books for work, but they are unweidly. After going through a couple of them, I can see why one dollar composition books remain popular.
  • 11” Lenovo Notebook
    • This little thing is a beast for day to day remote work. Boots quickly, runs Ubuntu out of the box and stays cool.
  • Kindle
    • I still like real books, but I’ve had a Kindle since the first wedge-shaped version and can’t imagine not being able to carry all those books and converted PDF articles around all the time.

Actual Tools

  • I’ve gotten way back into old-fashioned knives and pretty much stopped with all the tacticool stuff
    • Good old yellow-handled Case chrome-vanadium pocket knives feel and work so much better as a day to day worker than crazy expensive toys from Benchmade or Emerson
    • Kauhavan Puukkopaja and Roselli have become pretty much the only fixed blades I use these days, although if I need a real pig-sticker my old Camillus MK2 does the job.
  • HD Smith “Perfect Handle” screwdrivers and pry bars take the cake as far as hard working every day tools. Finding them from the 1920s and 1930s with another hundred years of life in them is a treat. A roll with a few of those, a couple of Torx drivers, and a spud wrench lives in the back of the jeep at all times.