2019-09-03: Hayakawa river at Hakone

2019-09-02: Still not a Big City Person Tokyo was OK, but Hakone is wonderful. the montains are stunning and taking the trains and cable …

2019-08-30: They’re everywhere!

2019-08-29: Awwwright, on the first plane and on my way to Tokyo!


2019-08-27: Sooooon

2019-08-13: We can’t stop here, this is bat country

2019-08-05: Who shot JR?

2019-08-03: Brother John’s aviation

2019-08-01: New Yawker

2019-07-28: Guitar Wolf. Is playing. Shibuya O-east. One day. I’m in. Tokyo.

2019-07-26: Overheard in the lunch line: “Oh my gawwwwd hot dogs are disgusting!!!” Well….we …

2019-07-26: If the office is that cold this early they must be expecting a hot day.

2019-07-24: Big. Red. Tuba.


2019-07-23: Yo, @freekbass and @twrpband need to hook up. Not sure the world could stand the funk. #twrp …


2019-07-22: I feel bad about hopping on my phone to check twitter for a second at dinner but the other table has …

2019-07-21: It’s my chicken goddamnit

2019-07-21: “There is a guy swimming to the Pont Neuf…” “He’s in Seine.”

2019-07-21: Ham benedict…I’m gonna need a cab to the next museum.

2019-07-21: Now thats a fruit salad.

2019-07-21: The Tots

2019-07-20: Nooooope.

2019-07-20: Good morning Philadelphia! Gonna be a hot one.

2019-07-19: Makes ya wonder how well the room got cleaned….

2019-07-18: #PrayForKyoAni Holy hell….arson at the KyoAni studios…. I’m pretty much …


2019-07-16: Today’s mood.

2019-07-08: 51 days.... 51 days until I leave for .jp. Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Takayama, and Kyoto over about 12 days. The …

2019-03-16: A City I Couldn't Live in But Love to Eat in I can’t see myself ever living in Houston, but I surely don’t mind visiting. I spend …

2018-01-29: Sophisticated Lady I came home tonight to settle in and relax. Picked up a book and turned on some music and before I …

2017-12-20: Rough and Ready Heart Tonight, as on most Tuesday nights, I had dinner and a few drinks at theBluegrass Kitchen and …